All Prayers are Answered

Belief (iman) certainly requires prayer. Human nature strongly yearns for prayer. And, God Almighty declares in the Quran,

Say [unto those who believe]: “No weight or value would my Sustainer attach to you were it not for your prayer!” (Quran, 25:77)

God also commands us,

Call unto Me, [and] I shall respond to you! (Quran, 40:60) 

Now, one may ask: “We frequently offer prayers, but they are not accepted. While the verse is general, it states that every prayer is answered?”

The answer is that responding and accepting are two different things. Each prayer is responded to, but it being accepted and you getting exactly what you asked for depends on God’s wisdom. As an illustration of this, think of a child calling onto her physician. The physician responds by saying, “Sure, here am I. What would you like?” The child, who was prescribed a sweet and colorful pill previously, asks to get it again: “Please give me that medicine!” The doctor will either give her exactly what she asks for or something better and more beneficial for her. Or knowing that it is harmful for her illness, he may give her nothing. Therefore, even when he decides not to prescribe anything, the physician is responding to her.

Similarly, since Almighty God is the Absolute Sovereign, [al-ḥakim al-muṭlaq], All-Present and All-Seeing, He always responds to the prayers of His worshipers. Through His presence and response, He transforms their desolation of loneliness and solitude into familiarity. And, as He responds to all prayers, He does so not in accordance with our capricious demands and wishful thinking, but in accordance with His Divine wisdom. He gives either what is asked for, or what is better than it, or He gives nothing at all.


The most important aspect, the most beautiful purpose and the sweetest result of this prayer is the following: the person who is praying realizes that there is someone who hears his deepest wishes in his heart, who is able to do anything, who is able to fulfill all his wishes. A prayerful human being feels that there is someone who has compassion for his weakness and aids his neediness.

Now, o weak and poor human being! Never give up prayer; it is the key to the treasure of mercy and means to endless power. Hold onto it, raise up to the peaks of humanity, to the highest of the high! Like a king, include the prayers of the entire universe in your prayer. As a comprehensive worshiper and as a representative of the universe say: “You alone we worship,” (Quran, 1:5) and become a paragon of the universe…

We are always surrounded with nur, 
May we always be open to receiving it