Ask God to Have a Healthier Lifestyle

Congratulations on your decision to have a healthier lifestyle!

Success is 100% correlated with motivation. The goal of this post is to increase your motivation by plugging you in to your Infinite spiritual source!

Why are we here? 

The purpose of our creation is to “worship” our Creator. This is a comprehensive concept in Islam, which essentially means recognizing our servanthood (and nothingness) while confirming our Creator’s Infinite Attributes.

We are special.

He creates us because of His Infinite Compassion and Love. Among the many created beings, God has made the human as the most exalted, special. He reaches out to us through His scriptures and prophets. He gives us the potential to connect with him and to contemplate His Attributes of Perfection.

The laptop. 

Think of a high-tech laptop that is manufactured to perform advanced functions à human being

It needs a manual to teach the user how to use it à guidebooks = scriptures

The user also needs teachers to show how to apply the manual à prophets

Scriptures are our manual telling us how to fulfill our purpose and find ultimate inner and outer peace and success in this life and the afterlife.

What the manual says and what the teachers did.

The Qur’an explains us how to be in sync with our nature and submit to our reality. Our reality is that we are abd of God. Essentially, abd means 100% dependence on our Creator, which signifies 0% ownership. We do not own anything; our life, our feelings, our thoughts, our actions, or our bodies.

Our body is a trust.

God trusted our bodies to us for a specified time. Taking care of it in the best way possible is a responsibility. The good news is it also makes us happy to do something in sync with our nature!

Desire for perfection.

We are being created and given the desire to succeed in everything. We don’t want a half-dried up rose. We want the best looking one. We don’t want a B in an exam. We want an A. This desire is a gift of God. We want to better ourselves, and we make resolutions to transform our habits but most of the time, we cannot see them through…

Key ingredient for success. 

The key ingredient to succeed in doing what feels right in our heart and mind is WILLPOWER. So then, how can we strengthen our willpower?

The power of prayer. 

Pray by tongue: ask from the Creator of the Universe who says “Ask and I shall answer”

Pray by action: ask from the Creator and realize that when you try to achieve something, you are asking the results from God. Results are in His hands for He is the sole Creator.

With this realization and a prayerful state of working at your goals, you are worshipping your Creator.

The power of faith.

Faith is our connection with our Creator: how aware or mindful we are of being an abd and He is creating us and everything around us. Faith is not stable; it decreases if not reinforced: hence Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says “renew your faith with there is not deity but God.” We need to strengthen our faith through reading and contemplation/reflection on the creation. Make a resolution to read one page a day of Qur’an or other religious texts, and seek to carry this mindfulness to your daily life.

The result. 

If you ask from God what He already taught us to follow (being healthy and taking care of His trust to us), why would He not answer?


He is the Infinitely Merciful, the Absolute Healer, the Most-Loving, the Friend, the Supporter…

We have 100% iman (certainty) that prayer is the MOST powerful tool and He does answer our prayers!

By Dr. Eren Tatari