Can I use non-Islamic parenting books?

How to read any book from a Quranic perspective

  1. Wisdom is from God and is given to everyone without regard to their ID tags.
  2. People, including Muslims, choose to speak and apply this God-given wisdom, in bits and pieces based on their level of spiritual growth, intellectual growth (IQ and EQ), etc.
  3. Key is to be well grounded in the Quranic paradigm so as to be able to recognize these pieces of God-given wisdom wherever you find them (be it in a comic-book, a facebook meme, a coffee-mug, a Christian book, an atheist manifesto) and distinguish it from the ego-centered/Satan-whispered wrong thoughts/ideas/perspectives.
  4. Be aware that we need to have our radars open ALL the time: we need to constantly question and try to distinguish between Godly wisdom and ego-corrupted perspectives in our own choices, in our parents’/other Muslims’/and other non-Muslims’ choices, words, actions.
  5. When we are aware of this reality and we are putting in serious effort to learn the Quranic paradigm, we can find beautiful Godly wisdom everywhere and benefit from all of it, without having to limit ourself to a certain group of people and their teachings.

Amazing, right?! Alhamdulillah…

*By the way, when I say non-Islamic I mean books written by non-Muslims. I do not mean un-Islamic, which means what they are teaching contradicts the teachings of the Quran.