Don’t work out! Live…

Here is why you should not work out but live your life:

I mean live your life!

Live fully… Does farmer Joe put on his sneakers and drive to the gym? Does the janitor end his 12 hour shift and go jogging? Des the waitress mom count her plunges before picking up the kid from daycare? No, they don’t. Because they spent hours walking, bending, picking up weights, etc. AND they made money doing it. They produced something in return. They were living life.

They didn’t waste energy on a stationary bike.

You may not have a physically demanding job. In fact you might be sitting at your desk all day. Well, then.

Go home and wash the dishes (by hand!). Do your laundry and hang up the clothes outdoors. Vacuum. Clean. Iron. Cook. Tidy up.

These are constant requirements of a well-running household. They are needed multiple times a day.

Why not drop the maid and the nanny and the dry cleaning…? Why not try to do most by hand? Save money. Be greener. Enjoy the satisfaction of producing something. Experience the joy of self-sufficiency. Connect with your family and share the chores while taking care of your own needs.

Play with your kids! Run wild with them until you fall on the ground from exhaustion. It would be the most enjoyable work out of your life.

Dance around the house… dig the earth and plant herbs. Experience the miracles of life. This is why we are here. The sooner we reconnect with the earth and find our purpose, the happier we will be.

Take charge of your life and life fully: reclaim the natural rhythm and balance of your life.

It is good for our body and your soul.