Mom, why did God give everyone a tongue?

Mom, why did God give everyone a tongue?

I am sure all parents have been caught off-guard by their kids’ unexpected questions at some point. Well, this came at 7am this morning at the breakfast table.

“Hmm…” I said. “God creates us because He loves us. He also wants us to get to know Him. He gives us a tongue so we can taste the amazing food He creates for us and thank Him and love Him more!” She thought about it for a second and then ask “Why did he give us saliva then?!” I could see that the conversation could go on and on with her asking about each body part. So I just said “For the same reason. So we experience what He creates and thank Him…” Thank God she was satisfied with the short-version answer 🙂

This incident made me think about a new friend I made. She is studying to be a doctor. There is a saying that the ones who know more about God’s creation are in greater awe of Him. Like doctors…etc. The primary driving force for major medical leaps/discoveries in history were to get to know the Creator (I am talking about Avicenna and all).

Perhaps, as we witness the miraculousness of the creation that takes place within us each second, we would also prostrate in awe and love of the Creator.

We tend to pass by the miraculous creation… just pass by… we are busy with ‘more important’ things in life afterall. Just living oblivious of the why.

But look, a 4 year old is asking. She is programmed to ask. She is witnessing and questioning. Just like she is created. This is her fitrah/nature.

If she recieves satisfying answers, it will increase her curiousity and she will get to know her Creator better. She will pursue her existential questions. She won’t just pass by this life oblivious, like us…

Like us, who have asked the questions. Like we are meant to, as we were programmed to. But unlike us, who were continously not given the right answers. Not even leads to continue seeking. Hopefully, her existential questions won’t dry out because they cannot find the water. The water of truth. The only truth that can bring life to the soul, the source of those questions…

One of my deepest prayers- God please don’t let us mess up her nature. She is seeking you. She is seeking her source. Please don’t let our messed-upness to get in the way of her journey back to You…