Moms, you can change the boy code!

Sitting in a recently opened health store in Orlando (Lucky’s Market— which happens to have the first ever liquid bulk I have seen with my own eyes!), I came to a realization.

I am raising a boy who will be a man soon. I hold the power to change the “boy code”!

Instead of complaining about patriarchy or how men are like this or like that, I now hold the power to make a very real change in society. The way I raise my son (and my daughter), how he sees himself, how he views women, and what kind of a heart he has will impact so many people he will come across in his life.

Well, this all downed on me at this moment not out of no where 🙂 I was reading a parenting book we got recently (You’re not the boss of me! by Betsy B. Braun) and I was reading the section about how to instill empathy in your kids, and whether there is a difference in how girls and boys are wired in this aspect.

Having raised a daughter who is 9 years old now, and raising Ali now who is about 3 years old, I naturally compare them. Yes, she was so much more emphatic at this age than my son is, but there is no reason why I should accept this as a fact and live with a cave man!

This is not disheartening to me. To the opposite, I feel very empowered that I have this little man to nurture and raise into being a considerate, kind, loving, giving, caring person.