She taught me a lesson, again!

You know the general principle of “tamseel” (examplifying): instead of preaching someone about a virtue, teach them through examplifying it in yourself… Our 4 year old just taught/reminded us of a virtue without preaching and embrassing us for forgeting to always tell the truth, but she did so, by humbly and gracefully examplifying the virtue…

Since she was little, we tried to always tell our daughter the truth about everything. Not to tweek reality so she won’t get upset, not to make-up boogy-men to push her into obedience…etc.

The other day though, without realizing I was not being 100% truthful, I told her something: her dad came home, looking very exhausted. So I told her: “Tell daddy that you will make him a cup of coffee and he will feel better.”

She looked at me, nodded to affirm my suggestions, then turned to her father and said: “Daddy, I don’t know how to make coffee. But mom will make you a cup of coffee so you feel happier!”

It was a moment of bliss for me to witness that she has completely took up this virtue, to the letter! Alhamdulillahir Rabbil Alameen…

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