The Purity Ball

The book that I recommended by James Dobson, “Bringing up girls” was talking at length about the purity movement in the US. I found the following documentary that is covering this subject. The documentary is sceptical about the purity pledge of the girls (and implies that the girls are somehow ‘brainwashed’ by their father), but nonetheless it gives an idea about this phenomenon.

The amazing thing I realized is that what these girls are doing (not even kissing before marriage, not dating for fun but seeing someone only if they are interested in marriage…etc.) is exactly how it is prescribed in Islam AND for the reasons that these girls explain… To act according to our fitrah/nature in order to prevent emotional and physical pain at the personal, familial, social levels.

May God protect and guide us and our daughters and sons to the right path so that we may find inner peace here and in the afterlife….