There is a child in the room!

When I was pregnant with our daughter, I became so conscious that there is a baby in me hearing everything that was said. When she was a tiny baby I made sure that no one gossips around her, about her or anyone else; that she does not hear about horrific stories of crime; that she does not hear news she cannot handle like someone passing away tragically…But most importantly, me and my husband were so careful not to bicker around her. It was a honeymoon relationship around her 🙂

It was mostly people who don’t have kids who slipped inappropriate comments around her and I had to give “the look” to remind them there is a tiny kid listening on our conversation. And I thought to myself,  only if they had kids, they would surely know…

Well, not much time passed from this stage in our life and we began to forget too!

She is 4,5 and I had no idea what a 4,5 year was capable of talking, learning, doing… She is a little adult or is acting like one yet she does not have the full intellectual capacity to handle it.