Zero Waste Home

Dear friends and family,

we would like to share with you a new adventure we have embarked upon as a family. We are taking baby steps to go towards becoming a ZERO WASTE HOME.

It all started when I purchased this AMAZING book from the Bookmark It bookstore. And then… it happened.

I fell in love with the book. I read all ~300 pages of it with the greatest joy. It is written as a resource book for families who want to start this path, so I am rereading the parts I marked again! We may never get to complete ZERO WASTE but whatever lifestyle changes we are making, it brings so much fulfillment and JOY to our family.

EVERYONE in the household is on board. Well… almost.

And we are conscious to make this a slow process as to not overwhelm ourselves and give up all together.

If anyone is interested, a good start would be to visit her website or listen to her TED talk…

Updates to follow.