Salamun alaykum mothers and fathers!   

I am the author of Little Muslims books and educational products, praying to guide little hearts with love and iman.

I develop Islamic curriculum for kids & teens: creative and fun Islamic classes colored with arts & crafts.

I give private lessons to small groups using my curriculum.

I offer Islamic camp packages for kids & teens and travel around the US to share these one of a kind experiences.

I am the mother of a nine year old girl & a three year old boy.

I am a full-time university professor.

I write articles and books for “grown ups” on Islamic spirituality.

I teach seminars on Islamic marriage, Islamic parenting, and Islamic spirituality.

Since I had my daughter, I have realized that this is the number one priority for so many Muslims in America, and all around the world. So I have been focusing on developing a  highly professional and beautiful curriculum filled with peace that encourages children to spend time outdoors exploring and appreciating God’s creation. An Islamic program that safeguards their fitrah… where they are surrounded by loving, Godly role models, who are also working on their spirituality.

Now, about this blog… I hope that it will be a venue for all Muslim parents to share their concerns, experiences, and ways we can help our children to become better believers. If you know of good Islamic schools, games, books, methods of teaching, curriculum…etc. that might benefit other parents, please share them with the rest of us by emailing

And finally: Congratulations! You cherish the most precious gift God has given you as a trust… You know that the best gift you can give little ones is Divine love… We pray that the Little Muslims books will help your child to know, to love and to worship God with joy and peace… Cuddle your little one every night, say bismillah, and read together insha’allah…

Here is a video of me, explaining why the Little Muslims products are unique because they do not only teach the do’s and don’ts but inspire a much deeper, loving connection with Allah (swt) that will insha’allah continue in your kid’s heart beyond their childhood.