Gifts from God

Do not be saddened by the blessings that are passing. Do not be devastated by anticipating the end of what you enjoy. The source of these gifts and blessings is the treasure of divine mercy, which is unending. A passing pleasure is just one “fruit” of an eternal “tree” of mercy. Since the “tree” is enduring, there will always be more “fruits” coming. Do not worry at all!

Moreover, as you get these blessings, think of the incredible honor that comes with them: the honor of receiving them from the Merciful One. Such awareness will increase your enjoyment manifold. As you know, if you receive a gift from an important person, the compliment received through that gift is much more enjoyable than the gift itself. For instance, if a great person gave you an apple, you would be delighted by the compliment conveyed through that apple thousands of times more than just the apple itself.

Similarly, praising the Creator enables you to recognize that what you enjoy is a gift. As you recognize the gift, you recognize the Giver of the Gifts. Thereby, you feel His merciful and compassionate compliment to you contained within the gift. You also remember the endurance of His kindness and generosity. In sum, gratitude to God and praising God opens up incredible pleasure much more delightful than the blessings themselves.

— Adapted from Said Nursi, 20th Letter