Little Iman Class

Our daugther attends a family childcare with 6 kids and a wonderful, truly submitting muslim teacher…They do Islamic Studies classes. The teacher is highly experienced and susceptive to kids’ thoughts and feelings. She gives them only as much as they can take and in a lovely package. She uses positive reinforcement to make them love the subject. After each class, she asks them a question about that day’s topic and the kids raise their hands to answer, winning a prize (usually a few raisins!) for the correct answer… Our daugther loves this.

Our daughter recently asked me if we could do Islamic Studies at home too. How could I say no? So I started to make up little lessons on the spot where she and her doll raise their hands to answer my questions 🙂

I will insha’allah record them here. Please keep in mind that these are for our 4 year old. You might want to adjust them to fit your child.

  • Lesson 1: God creates us. God creates everyone and everything, always.
  • Question 1: Who creates us?
  • Question 2: Who creates that tree?
  • Lesson 2: When we are a good person, we become happy. God teaches us how to be a good person. He loves us, He wants us to be happy.
  • Question 1: How do we become happy?
  • Question 2: Who teaches us how to be a good person?
  • Lesson 3: God teaches us that we become a good (and happy) person when we are thankful to Him for everything He gives us and when we love Him.
  • Question 1: How do we become a good (and happy) person?