Healthy Happy Little Muslims

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What a wonderful collaboration with the founder and director of Nadoona…

This book inspires your little Muslims to enjoy a healthier life as a result of their joyful belief in God!

This book teaches kids the beauty in these blessings from God:

# Healthy, colorful food

# Playing sports

# Spending time in nature (reading & doing homework)

# Grow their own fruits

# Praying salat as a family outdoors

# Making dua before going to sleep

It even features a special smoothie recipe that you can make with your kid.

Congratulations! You cherish the most precious gift God has given you as a trust… You know that the best gift you can give little ones is Divine love… We pray that these books will help your child to know, to love and to worship God with joy and peace… Cuddle your little one every night, say bismillah, and read together insha’allah…

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